Movement with Awareness Group

Sundays 9.30 – 11.30 a.m.  £15 / £12  Booking essential

This class will combine elements of mindfulness, body awareness and movement, gently exploring how we are and how we feel, in movement, within the following frames of reference:

  • working with oneself (inner oriented)
  • opening to the environment
  • being aware of and interacting with others

Attentively and playfully exploring simple, everyday movement in this way we can expand our awareness of ourselves and our way of being in the world, and gradually cultivate qualities such as:

  • improved balance and orientation
  • lightness and ease of movement
  • choicefulness and self-determination in response to those around us and our environment
  • curiosity and creativity in ‘being ourselves’ in our bodies, in movement, free of judgment or expectation

The work will include lying down and periods of stillness, so loose, comfortable (and warm) clothing is recommended, and a mat or blanket for the floor – no experience is required, just bring your curiosity and aliveness.

Alexander Technique

The Alexander Technique offers a way of being in (everyday) movement which facilitates change in our physical and behavioural patterns and habits – giving us a say in how we feel and function – thereby enhancing our ability to perform in both everyday and specialised activities. The result can be a powerful uplift in our sense of well-being and of self-determination. This is the real ‘taking back control’…

I am offering Alexander Technique at the Kenilworth Centre, one-to-one sessions (great for back pain, improved posture and mobility), and for groups of 3-4 people (ideal for people with shared interests such as sports, or for musicians & performers).

Please contact me with any enquiries, I’m happy to chat.

Paul Baxter

I qualified as an Alexander Technique teacher in 2004, spent five years in Prague teaching AT with musicians, dancers, individuals, and small groups. Upon returning to the UK in 2010 I continued to teach AT in Coventry and Stratford-upon-Avon. Since 2013 I have explored and worked with other somatic practices including Amerta, Authentic Movement, 5Rhythms, and Ecological Movement.

My intention currently is to evolve a way of working – with groups and individuals – which draws on all of these skills and practices, with the aim of finding and sharing a more integrated, fulfilling and pleasurable way (or ways) of being in the world.

Telephone: 07952 037402 or email: