200 for £100

About the ‘200 for £100 Friends of tKC’

The Kenilworth Centre has a mission to provide activities and facilities for residents of Kenilworth. We do this by:

  • Providing support and guidance for around 100 Kenilworth young people each week
  • Providing a hub for local services and small businesses within Kenilworth – we estimate 800 people walk through our doors each week!
  • Providing Community events, including Pop-up cafe, Board Game Hub, ‘COOK’ Sunday dinners and more.
  • Hosting and co-ordinationg Abbey End Studios and Radio Abbey – our town’s only local radio station

We are looking for community members who can pay £100 a year to be a ‘200 for 100 Friend of the Kenilworth Centre’ to support us in this mission. The Kenilworth Centre is a charity, dependent on funding, grants, sponsorship and donations.

What do ‘200 for 100 Friends’ receive in return?

We will send newsletters to keep you up to date with the activities of the Centre and how your money is being sent. Your name will be added to our website and thank you screen in reception as a supporter, unless you wish to remain anonymous.

How do Friends support the work of tKC?

Your £100 a year helps us both to provide the facilities outlined above and to maintain the building, for which we are responsible.

How do I become a 200 for 100 Friend?

200 for £100 Friends of tKC

Alternativley if you would like to register for 200 for £100 direct you can email sarah@thekenilworthcentre.com

How can I support tKC without becoming a Friend?

There are other ways to support the Kenilworth Centre, from small amounts to large – see our

Support Us page for further details.