Abbey End Studios & Radio Abbey

Kenilworth’s Own Radio Station & Recording Suite

Abbey End Studio 

tKC has hosted a community Radio Station for over 15 years and in 2023 we had a unique opportunity to provide the community with broadcast quality recording studios, offering young people, local business and audio enthusiasts a unique recording facility in the heart of Kenilworth.

The Esmono Sound Booth itself has an amazing history and previously was housed at Ladbooke Studios in London, where it was host to many celebrities including Bill Nighy, Indira Varma and  Andy Serkis, and produced Terry Pratchett’s Discworld in Audio, Doctor Who audio drama and much much, more.  We are very grateful to Ladbrooke Audio for giving us this opportunity to give the studio a new lease of life and we invite you to be part of it.  

What can the studio be used for? 


Have you considered starting a podcast for your company or group but don’t know where to start? 

The studio is set up so that you can record your own podcast even if you have never recorded a podcast before. We can help set you up, get you started and we even offer post production and podcast hosting services with our partners Listening Shelf Audio and Ladbrooke Audio. 

Another partner – Listening Shelf Audio have created a handy a guide to Podcasting here: 

Podcast Planner

We also now have access to facilities for off-site recordings, this means we can offer you support at your event or location and record interviews for your content. We did this recently for the opening of the Scout and Guide centre at Castle farm where we were able to interview sporting legend Colin Jackson:  

Voice Over, Video Editing and Content Creation

The studio is also set up for simple voice over production, from recording your own explainer video or advert for your website or social media platforms. Again with our partners we can offer a high level of production or something simple that you can create yourselves. 

Audiobook Recording 

Are you an author who would like to get your book published in Audio? Do you want to narrate yourself?  The studio can be used for audiobook recording and our partners are well versed in the production and publication of audiobooks and can help you on your journey. 

Audio Drama 

The Studio has 5 mics in total and is suitable for multicast projects and audio drama. 

Music Recording

The studio can also be used for light music production, from creating your own soundtrack to recording vocals and guitars. This is something we will be working on with the Youth Club. 

Our Equipment: 


You can self produce/ edit your content on the Mac in the studio where you have access to both Logic Pro / Adobe Audition and Final Cut Pro for video editing.

Mixing Desk

We have an L8 mixing desk which can be used with the Mac, alternatively you can plug in your own laptop and record straight to it. You also have the additional option of recording onto an SD card. 

Available Microphones 

4 x Shure SM7b 

2 x Rode Podcasters 

2 x Rode Nt1a –

Rates/Sponsorship and Support 

Studio Hire – Assisted Set up 

£35 per hour 

– We will talk to you about your requirements and set the studio up ready for your bespoke use, then send you your files at the end of the session.

  • New users are offered One Free Hour to familiarise themselves with the studio, so they can confidently book again, without additional assitance.

Studio Hire – Additional Support 

£50 per hour – If you require a member of staff to guide you through the recording process and be present for your full session this can be arranged. Alternatively if you require additional support simply for the first hour, this can booked an arranged. 

Post Production Services

Not ready to edit your own podcast yet? Our partners Ladbroke Audio and Listening Shelf Audio both provide full production services and can edit and even host your podcast for you. Prices available on request.

Radio Abbey

Radio Abbey broadcasts from Abbey End Studios inside the centre, we have a range of shows all run by radio enthusiast volunteers. Shows range from 50’s and 60’s music, showcases local bands and even live imporv and dungeons and dragons. You can find out more about what’s on here:

Would you like to host your own radio show? you can apply buy emailing