New Baby Massage 4 wk course

Baby massage

Courses are 4 weeks long


For ages 6 weeks till actively crawling.

My name is Anna and I am a baby massage instructor, fully certified and accredited by Blossom And Berry.
Baby massage is a special bonding time with many benefits for new mums, dads and other carers.

You will learn how to do massage strokes that can help with:sleeping issues, colic, digestion problems/wind, teething

Baby massage is particularly effective with premature babies, Also babies with additional special needs.

Baby massage stimulates and encourages muscles to warm up and relax, also increases blood flow which carries nutrients around the body.

Classes are friendly & informal and there is no pressure, competition or judgement. My number one rule is that baby’s needs should always come first.

Baby massage is such a lovely and special way to spend time with your baby and enjoy them.

Contact: Anna Jones



Instagram: babi_huggles

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