Pathway to Work

At tKC we are alway looking for ways to support young people in Kenilworth and in 2024 have launched a  Pathway to Work Scheme, with the support of the then Mayor, Alix Dearing. We have regular meetings with local businesses and partners to plan ways of supporting young people in accessing work experiences and skills.

What is the Pathway to Work Scheme? 

After speaking to some of the young people at Youth Club and local parents, it has become clear that gaining work experience for young people can be a very difficult task.

The Pathway to Work Scheme is looking at barriers employers face in offering work placements, work experience and internships to young people.

The three areas we want to develop longer term are:

  • Young people out of education/training/employment 

 We want to look at developing links between alternative education and opportunities of gaining practical placements  different industries. 

  • Young People with a lack of network connections

 Some young people have no access to  networks that can offer them experience or work placements.  Kenilworth businesses possess a wealth of knowledge and skills in a wide range of businesses to which many young people will have access through their personal and familial connections.  We therefore want to continue dialogue and develop mentoring opportunities.

Join our next Pathway To Work meeting for more information and opportunities to get involved: email

  • Job Skills

Continuation and development of our short courses scheme. tKC currently run regular courses on Babysitting Skills, First Aid, Food Hygiene etc.  We want to expand on these to deliver job skills including CV writing, interview techniques etc. 

Job Skill Courses Currently Available: 

Basic First Aid for 11 – 16 year olds