Youth Craft Club

The club has a maximum of 10 young  people attending, ages 10 -18. It is run by a qualified youth worker with 18 plus years of experience who is also an artist. 

It will run, initially, for 18 weeks, bookable in 6 week blocks. £25 for 6 weeks.

In week one we are creating containers/plant pots from plastic bottles. See attached example. In weeks 2, 3, 4 and 5 we will be creating a fairy/fantasy house from an old jam jar and air drying clay.
Week six is set to be around fusing plastic bags to create a material which we will then use to create a note book in week 7 if they are booked on. (Otherwise they will get instructions on how to finish it).

The youth worker will consult with young people on future projects around week 3 and the programme will be built around that in the future, and opportunities to engage in bigger projects!

They get to take everything home but we might ask to display some pieces at the Centre in a gallery style display, or photos of them, when the course is finished. 

It will be a relaxed, fun, environment and previous short courses have produced some lovely results from participants. We provide all the materials but we may ask you to collect plastic bags and a jar or other similar materials. The basis for all the crafts is to upcycle things, or reuse and repurpose things and keep them from landfill. So it’s very environmentally conscious too.