Important News Update 15th March 2016

theKenilworthCentre is forced to cut costs to secure its future

Following the sudden withdrawal of core funding by Kenilworth Town Council from 1st April 2016, the Trustees of theKenilworthCentre charity have taken the sad but inevitable decision to reduce substantially the operating costs of the Centre in Abbey End Car Park.

The Community Development Manager role has been declared redundant, and Andy Norman will leave the organisation on the 15th April. No other staff are affected.

The charity will be managed for an interim period of up to six months by the Chair of Trustees, John Whitehouse, without remuneration. A change project will be commissioned to help the charity move to an affordable and sustainable cost basis within this time period. In the meantime it will continue to be very much “business as usual” at the Centre, with all current activities and facilities being maintained.

John Whitehouse said:

“The Trustees are desperately sorry to be taking this step, but we had no choice. Losing over 30% of our income at a stroke meant we had to take drastic action to ensure that the charity can survive and prosper in the longer term.

“We’ve had tremendous support from the people of Kenilworth over this difficult time, and we owe it to them to ensure that a full range of youth and community activities can be maintained in line with our charitable objectives. Any further offers of help or ideas towards achieving this goal would be greatly welcomed. The Trustees are confident that a sustainable future is achievable for theKenilworthCentre, but cutting our costs is an essential first step.

“I’d like to pay tribute to the tremendous work that Andy Norman has done for the town and particularly its young people over the years, originally at the old youth centre in Bertie Road and more recently at theKenilworthCentre. We shall all miss him.”

John Whitehouse
Chair of Trustees

Issued: 14th March 2016

Embargo: 12.00 noon on Tuesday 15th March 2016

Contact:   John Whitehouse, Chair of Trustees

Telephone: 07866 568333

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