We work tirelessly to generate a sufficient income from the Centre to ensure it is self-supporting. However, the constant rise in running costs; energy bills, insurance etc, means that to keep our room hire costs accessible and affordable, we must also rely on fundraising events and donations.

BUT theKenilworthCentre is not just a building. It’s about people and our community.

We provide 3 nights youth club sessions within a safe and educational environment for young people to enjoy meeting each other and enjoying the activities. The workers are all fully qualified and provide advice and guidance to young people going through a very difficult time in their lives.

£25 pays for a youth worker for a youth club session.

We not only help young people within our centre. There are dedicated detached youth workers on the streets on Friday evenings, working with young people in their own environment. The emphasis is keeping them safe and giving them guidance on alcohol misuse and keeping young girls safe from abuse.

£48 pays for 2 detached workers on a Friday evening.

None of these services would now exist if it wasn’t for the work of theKenilworthCentre. So remember, when you are giving to tKC, you are helping to keep your young people and community safe.

We have been fortunate enough to have been accepted on the Local Giving scheme, run by the Heart of England Foundation.

As part of Local Giving, they not only give us access to a fee-free online payment scheme, they also run matched funding days throughout the year.

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Please make a donation today!

or if you would like more information on about the centre, please contact us.

Your support means a lot to us and our community.