PT Fitness (HILIT)

Tuesday’s 18:00 – 18:4.5 All year

The sessions are based around high intensity low impact training modality known at ZUU with some free weights mixed in. I’ve trained ZUU for the past 3 years and due to pandemic have utilised ZOOM for the ultimate in confined space training. 

ZUU the worlds best bodyweight training system and learned to appreciate a different way of training whjich is as much about the people as it is the exercise. The full body mobility, injury prevention methods are used throughout the world with an entry level for everyone. I completed the bronze and silver ZUU courses and began to really enjoy introducing people to ZUU sessions. No egos. Very supportive atmosphere, team building and fun.  

A terrific group of people have joined in my ZUU sessions in the most friendly family friendly group you could ever wish to meet.

No equipment confined space training. Teamwork. Challenging. An entry level for all. ZUU allows the flexibility to train with teammates or alone, in person or on ZOOM. IT inspires so many people across the world to move better to improve quality of life. Real stories of people improving their mobility and reducing aches and pains whilst at the same time improving their mental and social health. 

If I can help you in any way with health and fitness advice please get in touch and if  you  want to get involved in a ZUU session please contact me. 


Telephone: 07886355611


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