Outdoor Fitness Class

Join Sunny for the Outdoor Fitness Class 3-4pm Sundays.

Who’s this class suited to?

  • Anyone who needs to improve aerobic output and stamina.
  • Anyone who needs to do cardio but hates mundane cardio exercise i.e running, jogging etc
  • Any fitness level welcome.
  • Anyone who needs improve explosive power output. Ideally for combat sports.
  • Anyone who needs to do some level of exercise but don’t know where to go or start.
  • Anyone who needs to find a friendly group training environment
  • Anyone seeking change from doing some paid body weight class where class content is pressups, squats, sit-ups- etc etc

Class content – no body weight exercises, squats, press ups, sit-ups…

Having fun with hammers, tyres, battle ropes, med ball.

If this is something you’re interested in, drop a message to book in.

Conditioning -Ability to Conditioning: 1) Exercise and practice to build the body up for either improved normal performance, as in physical therapy, or in preparation for sports performance. 2) A method of educating involving repetitive activities to influence behavior.

– Excellent way to help with stress.

Call Sunny: 07554408253

Email: ss.biz@yahoo.com