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To: Councillor John Cooke                                                                                                     22nd December 2015
Leader – Kenilworth Town Council

The trustees and management of theKenilworthCentre take issue with the criticisms of our “current style of management” made in your comments to the Kenilworth Weekly News last Friday, including the implication that this has not been responsible with ratepayers’ (sic) money.

For 3½ years the Town Council has had an unprecedented level of oversight and scrutiny of the affairs of theKenilworthCentre. You personally were the designated Town Council observer at our Trustees’ meetings for part of that time, as was Cllr Bunker. On no occasion, either at a meeting or in private, did you or any other town councillor raise any of the concerns and issues which you have now voiced.
During your period as Mayor you attended the Second AGM of theKenilworthCentre on 17th June 2014, and were fulsome in your praise, as the minutes of the meeting recorded:

8. Any other business
Cllr John Cooke, Mayor of Kenilworth thanked JW for running a very tight ship which shows in the success of the centre, and he also thanked RL for her work as Treasurer. Cllr Cooke also thanked the workers, and AN for his fantastic work.

In the subsequent 1½ years our “style of management” has not changed –and your statement in the Kenilworth Weekly News is without foundation.

We demand that you retract what amounted to an attack on the personal and professional integrity of a team of dedicated people, mostly volunteers, who have been working hard for several years to build a community facility serving all local residents in line with our agreed charitable objectives, with our legal obligations under the terms of the transfer agreement with Warwickshire County Council, and in compliance with the signed agreement with Kenilworth Town Council. Are you seriously suggesting we should not have acted in accordance with those legal obligations? We would also like a public apology.


Mandy Brougham – trustee                                    Andy Norman – Community Devt. Manager
Andy Garsed – trustee
Rebekah Leadley – trustee
Jane Poulter – trustee
Stefan Sollinger – trustee
John Whitehouse – trustee


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Registered office: theKenilworthCentre, Abbey End Car Park, Abbey End, Kenilworth, Warwickshire. CV8 1QJ

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